The LAR&R Junior Shooters Program is a 501c Non-Profit Organization. Contributions are gladly accepted and acknowledged. (See contribution page)

GOAL: The LAR&R Junior Shooters Program is designed to teach juniors from ages 10 to 21, firearms safety and marksmanship using .22 caliber target rifles. If the junior athlete desires he may progress into the world of competition and join our Rifle team. As we are all young at heart, if there is space available, we are happy to introduce older "juniors" to the sport of shooting and competition.

APPLICATION AND WAIVER: Fill out and print out the papers in the following link and bring with you to the first class.

Junior Membership Forms

EQUIPMENT: The Program will supply all equipment except for ammunition. Ammunition will be .22 caliber long rifle target grade standard velocity. Talk to the coaches before buying or bringing any ammunition. No ammunition will be allowed unless it is marked "Standard Velocity" or "Match" and approved by the coaches. NO HIGH VELOCITY ammunition is allowed. It is recommended that each participant buy a pair of safety glasses that fits them. They should fit so that when the person is looking down, the glasses stays in place. Prescription glasses that fit are acceptable. As a member of the [program you can participate in our ammo co-op and purchase a box of appropriate ammunition for $5 cash or check to LARR Junior Program. Per California law, any ammunition purchased at this range must be used at this range. It cannot be taken off the range grounds. 

COST: Participation in the program requires annual membership in LAR&R. Membership applications can be obtained at the range. The membership fee is $75 per year. Each membership is for the family; member, spouse and juniors under 21. Persons coming into the Club by October 1 or later will be credited for the succeeding year.

Each junior and adult shooter must also be a member of the NRA:

(Now is the best time to sign up for a life membership via the "Easy Pay" Option on the form).

See information under First Steps Class for discounted on NRA membership

SAFETY EDUCATION - NRA First Steps Course:

All shooters, junior and adults, must attend, complete and pass the NRA First Steps Rifle Course and range orientation before being allowed to shoot with the Junior Program. This course is on the first Saturday, except when the junior program is closed on the first Saturday. Then class will start the second Saturday at 8.30 AM.

Cost of book for NRA BASIC RIFLE Book $30.00 per shooter payable in cash or check to the instructor, Marc Cohen at the class.

 PRE-REGISTRATION is required. Contact Marc Cohen at and bcc to

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NRA currently requires minors (under 18) to have parents sign them up for NRA courses (even classroom-only courses). Because of this, please contact the instructor, Marc Cohen, at, with the following information:

               Parent’s name;  Child's name:  Child's date of birth: Full address (PO Box okay): Phone number (parent's phone number okay/preferred)(designate if mobile):  Email Address

NRA member number (not required for classroom instruction).  Discounted NRA memberships available after class

Adults, 18+, may sign themselves up for courses online. Parents are welcome to sit in on classes at no charge, providing they do not need study materials or a certificate of completion.

PARTICIPATION: It is necessary for a commitment by both the parent and the junior to arrive at the range no latter than 12:30 PM and remain until 3:30 PM, and for the parent to remain, each Saturday unless otherwise excused. Adult participation in the Junior Shooters Program is allowed, on a space available basis, under the same conditions as for the junior shooter. That is: Membership in LARR and NRA and completion of the NRA First Steps Rifle Course and Orientation. Juniors take priority.

Firearms Safety Education and Basic Marksmanship training as well as Merit Badge Qualification is available for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, CAP, Junior Marines, ROTC, Sea Cadets or any other approved youth organizations and schools. See Group page for more information.

Please e-mail both Darrell Malstrom and Coach Bob McMullin prior to coming to the range or to make arrangements for a group. (See Contacts page)