Must be made one month before shooting date, Check our website,  Saturday Calendar page for possible dates to request then contact  Darrell Malstrom, President at, cc. Bob McMullin, Head Coach at We will need to know how many attendees are expected.

PRELIMINARYCONFIRMATION BY CLUB PRESIDENT: Contact by email will be made to set up a date.
Must be made by Wednesday, no later than 9 PM, prior to the attendance date.Must include the troop, squadron or other identifier, number of attendees, including non-shooters and Name (s) and cell phone contact of person (s) who will be in charge on the shooting day.
Include notification if the use of our BBQ facilities are desired before or after the range time.
Parental Consent Forms are available from this site can be filled out on the computer and printed out or will be provided via email and MUST accompany the participants. No one will be allowed to handle a rifle or ammunition without a signed parental consent form in our possession
 Must be made no later than the Thursday, no later than 7 PM, prior to the shooting date. (except in the case of emergencies)
If you find that your group will be arriving late CALL ASAP so they we can postpone the Safety Briefing. Contact numbers will be given on confirmation.
 Note: Participants who miss the Safety Briefing will not be allowed to shoot, even if they have attended such a briefing before
There is a $20 fee per shooter for the use of the range, equipment, ammunition and instruction.
Donations are gratefully accepted. We are a non-profit 501-3c organization.           

Arrive prior to 12:30 PM for registration
12:30 PM Set up. (Note: All participants are required to be at the NRA 1st Steps Firearms Safety course. They are also required to participate in the Set up and Clean up. If they are not there or come late, they will not be allowed to shoot.)
Shooting to commence after set up.
4:00 PM Cease fire for the day, followed by clean-up.

Depending on the number of shooters we will run relays. There will be teams of two or more: one person shooting at a time.
If shooting for a merit badge or other qualification course and  they are unable to finish the shooting requirements, they are welcome to return.
Participants should have eaten ahead of time. We will not stop for food. Bring water! Snacks if desired. Avoid sugar and caffeine prior to shooting.  

SAFETY: Is the responsibility of everyone. The orders of the range master and coaches will be followed immediately.

 IMPORTANT: All participants and spectators will be required to wear ear and eye protection if on the firing line during firing, (RED FIRING LIGHT ON).

Range Specific Safety Rules:
                A.            Do not close the bolt of the rifle and put your finger on the trigger until your head is down on the stock of the rifle and you are looking through the sights and have acquired a sight picture of the desired bulls eye.
                B.            Do not lift your head off the rifle stock until you have lifted the bolt.

                                             “Head Down, Bolt Down---Bolt Up, Head Up”
LAR&R Safety Briefing on yourtube, should be watched before coming to the range
     NRA QUALIFICATIONS: The most complete source for Winchester/NRA MarksmanshipQualification Programs is the National Rifle Association Web site at; here for pdf file of qualificationsClick here for score sheet.
Those who desired to shoot a NRA Qualification course should make themselves familiar with the rules and requirements of such. 
                We will be happy to accommodate your groups special needs for a course of fire. Simply contact Darrell Malstrom,  Club President,   , (cc: Bob McMullin, Head Instructor,